Melt away that stubbron left over tan we all dread trying to get off with ease. It is imeprative that built up sunless tanning residue is removed from the skin to achieve flawless results from your next spray tan appointment or at home self tanner application. Melt is a vegan product, it is packed with botanical ingredients for skin health, and no harsh ingredients.

Melt Excess Tan Remover

  • How To use

    Simply apply gel to dry skin, rub in a bit, wait 5-10 minutes. Next, get in the shower or bath and scrub away using the 3 way silicone mitt . After exfoliation, wash skin with mild soap and rinse clean. Skin will be soft, hydrated, tan-free and ready for your next application! Melt can be used to remove professional spray tan application and at home self-tanning products.

     Have a STUBBORN TAN or do you choose to use sunless tanner that is ALOT darker than your original skin color and having trouble getting it all off? No Problem. Just soak your skin in a bath or shower first...then get out, dab dry, apply Melt, leave on 5 mins or so, then get back in shower and scrub. The darker the tan the more maintenance sometimes.