Who doesn't HATE when our tan fades a bit in certain areas...like our hands, feet, and even our face! Fixated  is made to fix those problem areas and extend your flawless tan even longer.

Just shake, spritz a little on our velour self tan mitt or soft hair Kabuki brush and blend over those fading areas and into your existing tan.  It is formulated with added moisturizers like aloe, argan oil, hyaluronic acid and sunflower seed oil to ensure that our dry skin areas are easy to blend into. And your face will feel the difference too.



Fixated Touch Up Spray

  • Application

    Once applied, do not get wet for 6-8 hours, minimum. Feel free to wear under makeup or even to bed so you wake up...flawless! If more color is desired, wait 24 hours between application to ensure you do not over apply. One light coat is enough for most people. But results may vary depending on skin tone. 
    Store in dark place under 75 degrees C, and don't drink it or get it in your eyes...duh.